Go Pro HD – Boat Mount

The GoPro camera (or at least the mount) has definitely become the must have accessory for kayaking/canoeing helmets. You can find loads of videos on both Youtube and Vimeo showing footage shot from a helmet mount. So from time to time it’s quite nice to see shots from a different angle, such as in the image shown below.

The image is a screen grab from some footage taken on a GoPro mounted to a homebrew kayak mount created by my good friend Mr Phil Higgins.

Many of the systems I have seen to date have required the bolts in a kayak grab handle to be removed so that the mount can be securely fastened to the boat. Phil’s homebrew system below is both secure and doesn’t require the removal of any of the kayak hardware.

The GoPro adhesive mount has been attached to a desk leg bracket (from B&Q) and this in turn has been fastened to a length of pole (just under 1 metre in length). The pole has then been bent to give the camera a horizontal position when attached to the boat. An old mountain bike seat post has then been attached to the lower end of the pole.

Seat posts are designed to fasten on to the rail of a saddle. A grab handle has a slightly larger diameter than a seat rail so most seat posts can accommodate this.

A run of static cord attaches to both the camera and the boat as the whole system is designed to break apart if a major capsize takes places.

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